Simple and elegant design, sculptural aesthetics and a sensual accent: Who would think that these words are associated with a barbeque? However, the Feuerring is not only a healthy grilling device, but also an exceptional design object for outdoor spaces. Also functioning as a cosy fireplace, it seeks to celebrate conviviality, indulgence and pleasure in creativity.

“The Feuerring is the patented original; a grilling device with which you can indirectly grill on a steel ring next to a crackling fire. One simultaneously enjoys convivial gatherings with guests, puts special emphasis on indulgence and good preparation of valuable ingredients and also lives with the strength and creative energy of an archaic fire,” Andreas Reichlin, inventor of the Feuerring, says. A true artist since his childhood, his inspiration for art and the Feuerring stems from nature as reduced shapes, simplicity and perfection play significant roles in his creations. The Feuerring passes on a big part of Reichlin’s philosophy of life: sociable and cosy get-togethers with a pristine, archaic form.

An intelligent solution

Ten years ago, the Swiss steel sculptor had a vision of creating a design object which would intelligently combine art and functionality, when a personal Health encroachment demanded for new solutions. Reichlin’s stomach had a problem with tolerating barbecued food from the grillage and thus he searched for an alternative to live his love for fire. He has found an intelligent solution for everyone sick and tired of steaks, fish or courgettes with a distinctive charcoal taste by presenting the Feuerring, a beautiful barbeque with an appealing design. He created outdoor art which enables healthy and delightful grilling adventures in every season of the year and which is sure to become the centre of attention at every gathering. Andreas Reichlin designed a well-shaped bowl constructed from specific alloy steel with a 12 mm thick ring, which is welded to a 6mm thick bowl. The ring serves as a practical surface to grill meat, fish or vegetables. With a temperature of approximately 300 degrees Celsius, the inner side of the ring is perfect for searing, while the outer side with its 180 to 200 degrees Celsius can be used for slow and gentle cooking. The grilled food is Thus never exposed to the direct fire, and due to a tiny incline in the outer ring, grease and juices run towards the inside edge of the Feuerring’s grill ring. Andreas Reichlin explains: “Fat which drips into the embers and then rises as toxic vapours onto the grillables may present a health risk and it is also not really tasty. The Feuerring is able to give vegetables, fish, meat, cheese, fried eggs, Swiss hash browns or even raclette its original taste back; everything succeeds easily and without an unhealthy and charred aftertaste.” One doesn’t need to wait for the perfect embers with the Feuerring, but rather constantly grill beside a warm and crackling open fire. This designs an exceptional ambience andmood: sitting together with friends, exchanging ideas and talking, enjoying conviviality and culinary art.“Our strength lies in the lived philosophy of indulgence, conviviality, aesthetics and pleasure in creativity,” Andreas Reichlin adds.

Topmost level of craftsmanship

In his workshop in Switzerland’s Immensee, Andreas Reichlin created the patented original design made of massive steel plates with a big portion of   accuracy and sensitivity after he worked meticulously on the design for five years straight. “The Feuerring was created out of passion and not to solely launch a new product,” Andreas Reichlin explains. Each Feuerring is entirely made by hand and is a true unicum as Andreas Reichlin solely works on commission.The bowl of fire gets produced and welded perfectly into one shape directly in the designer’s workshop by experienced metal workers under the supervision of Andreas Reichlin.“We have a small warehouse and can deliver within three weeks. Our Company primarily works with regional resources, whether in the production of the Feuerring or the manufacturing of additional products, in graphics and also in printing. Even our packaging comes from a nearby village and ‘makes sense’ as it gets produced in a welfare institution, it is simply unpacked after delivery and is versatilely useable,” Andreas Reichlin explains. Inspired by nature and friendship, the Feuerring’s design is functional and reduced on the one hand, and comprehensively tested and perfected over many years on the other. The outcome is a product which functions in all matters, be it grilling, making fire or easy cleaning. The original Feuerring comes in various diameters and ten slightly varying designs, such as the Luneli, Luna, Ovum and Gastro.“ We have a new model since March – our Tulip. It comprises of a slightly opened form and is kind of tulip shaped just as the name reveals.With a height of 50cm and a diameter of 110cm it is perfect for the smaller garden,” Andreas Reichlin adds.

An object fit for all occasions

Whether one searches an object for their private garden or for their restaurant or hotel, the Feuerring is available in almost all dimensions and shapes and doesn’t leave a wish unfulfilled. It can even conquer uneven terrain due to an added, special foundation ring. Supplementary accessories, such as a wire brush for thoroughly cleaning the grilling surface, a cleaning scraper, a woollen blanket, a cushion or a cube made for either sitting or as a small table are, of course, available too. “We appreciate passing on the love of life and values such as friendship, community, health and mindfulness through our Feuerring. We put special emphasis on authenticity and transparency,” Andreas Reichlin concludes. The Feuerring is a beautiful, reduced design bowl with a sensually aesthetic touch for every outdoor area, 100 per cent made in Switzerland. It is a barbeque that enables healthy and tasty grilling. It also poses as a crackling, archaic fire and is a device that seeks to emphasise indulgence, cosy conviviality and simplicity. An impressive objet d’art, an item of utility, as well as an exclusive design object for private or open outdoor spaces all year round, that is what the Feuerring stands for. For exactly these reasons, the Feuerring has found many copycats and the market is flooded with plagiarism. But there is only one original.

Text: Nane Steinhoff | Photos: Guenter Standl

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