Smell, taste, sense. Experiencing authentic Berlin has always been the key driver of Adam Mikusch, creator of the original flavour ‘Berliner Senfsauce’. Celebrating the variety of unique taste experiences was the starting point to create his outstanding products and for his concept store EAT BERLIN. Whether one prefers salads or grilled meat, Haus der feinen Kost offers products to add the special touch. “As a child, I mainly loved two things: eating and painting,” Adam Mikusch remembers. At first, he went in the direction of painting and studied communication design. After having worked in the design branch for a few years, Mikusch realised that he is only happy when he can create delicious meals for others. The idea for Haus der feinen Kost was born. Following the two mottos ‘Life is too short to do the wrong things’ and ‘There are simply no good ready-made dressings’, he founded his company in 2010 in Wedding, a district of Berlin.


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