When the light becomes softer, the colours warmer and you have to choose the most practical jacket in the mornings, we know it’s autumn, and so the cosy journey towards Christmas begins. To bridge this time until the festivities but, at the same time, enjoy autumn to the absolute fullest, we suggest heading to the ridge-panorama hiking trail Moosfluh-Riederfurka Swiss Alps.


Imagine a calm autumn day in the mountains: golden like the larch trees which stand between the ancient Swiss stone pines, the sky almost steely blue. And not so far away, one can find a gigantic glacier that pushes itself towards the valley in between majestic peaks. The ice stream is the Aletsch glacier in the Swiss Valais area – the longest one in the Alps. Around it, over 40 4,000-metre-high mountains can be found and seen. One can smell the mossy scent of the earth and hear absolutely nothing: because the region, which is called the ‘Aletsch Arena’, is completely car-free.

Forest bathing.

If you’re a hiking enthusiast and looking for a time-out of the special kind, we suggest heading to the Aletsch Arena and its ridge-panorama hiking trail of Moosfluh-Riederfurka. Here, visitors arrive by cableway before hiking on a cosy and easy hiking trail from Moosfluh to Riederfurka, that counts towards Switzerland’s most beautiful ones. With a total hiking length of two hours, visitors can look forward to an incredible setting and breathtaking views across the almost 1,000-year-old Aletsch forest, the numerous peaks and the seemingly endless ice stream.
Informative experience stations along the hiking path also give visitors the opportunity to learn and experience more about this special UNESCO World Heritage Site. Organically and playfully, topics such as the wilderness, civilisation, the nature conservation area, water management, tourism and conservation are dealt with. Numerous beautiful viewpoints round off this special experience.

Photo: © Stoneman Glaciara, P. Gertschen

Relax, breathe, calm down

For those that seek extensive relaxation, the Aletsch Arena also has many special offerings for that, too. How about Japanese forest bathing or breathing hikes, for example, or a yoga session on the plateau? Herb hikes are another fascinating option in the region. Or, those who want to, can canoe on the mountain lake or learn more about mountain herbs in the Alpine gardens.

Other great tips for autumn experiences in the Aletsch Arena are the numerous hikes along the 1,000-year-old waterways that the region has to offer. It is a special treat not to be missed. Furthermore, the five suspension bridges in the area are particularly impressive. Visitors can discover these on an interesting circular trail.

The Aletsch Arena hiking region

The Swiss tourism region of Aletsch Arena is the first UNESCO World Heritage site in the Alpine region and counts towards the Alps’ top car-free hiking areas. Surprisingly, it is still quite unknown to tourists from abroad. With around 300 annual sunny days and over 300 kilometres of hiking trails and many family-friendly ones too, it poses as the perfect holiday destination for all age groups.

Whatever you choose to do in the UNESCO World Heritage site of the Aletsch Arena, one thing is for sure – your never-ending stream of thoughts will definitely find a break here, so that you can enjoy the golden autumn to the fullest with all your senses. Despite the fact that you can quickly reach the region in only a few hours by train, and ten minutes by cableway, it almost feels like travelling into a different world.

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