Exciting rides, relaxing landscapes, breathtaking shows and performances, blissful wellness areas – these are just a few examples of what German leisure parks have to offer. Over 32 million visitors enjoy a trip to a theme park every year. In many parks 80 per cent of guests are returning visitors. Not surprising, as a colourful palette of attractions is offered.

The 67 leading German theme parks include classic parks as well as themed parks such as zoo or safari parks, movie parks, brand parks and indoor entertainment premises. There is something for everyone and service always comes first. Many parks added more to the already existing attractions, such as rides, entertainment programmes, street performers, parades, etc. to an extent, that just one day is not enough to indulge in all the temptations.

That is why most parks lure in visitors with attractive overnight packages. Themed four star hotels, fully equipped holiday homes, authentic block houses, camp sites, tipi-villages, traditional German inns, romantic shepherd’s wagons and even tree houses offer great hospitality and in most cases even include a wellness programme. In that way many parks turned from a day trip destination into an attractive short stay vacation resort.

Thus different target groups may be served at the same time. On the one hand the central target group is the family audience with children. In general the main programme is tailored to their needs. On the other hand the German theme parks – just like other parties in the tourism industry – adapted to the demographic changes and included the discerning 50+ guest in their programme. Blissful wellness areas in the hotels and culinary delicacies prepared by award-winning chefs are successfully catering for the age group 50+. Both target groups, families and senior citizens, will be joined together away from the‘higher and faster’ rollercoasters.

Various family friendly rides can be used by grandparents, parents and children together: A theme park is now the perfect generationspanning entertainment destination. Especially vacationers with children benefit from a trip to the theme parks,which offer a great distraction from only strolling through classic tourist attractions, so the little ones won’t get bored. It is also considered a great advantage that most German parks offer an all-inclusive price for their guests, so individual attractions inside the park gates don’t need to be paid for on top. If for just one or formore days, if central city indoor attractions or classic parks in the outskirts: there is something to be found for every taste and budget. A visit to a park is the perfect opportunity to get away from it all, have lots of fun and being pampered in style.

By Tina Awtani, published in Discover Germany issue 3 – May 2013 | Photos: Europapark

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