The good news first: Germany is and will remain for the foreseeable future the world’s leading exporter of design – no other nation has as much design expertise in so many products. Germany has a long history of design culture and German goods are in demand worldwide thanks to their appearance,which gives unique visual form to properties such as utility value and quality craftsmanship. Today Germany is the world’s largest producer of design oriented goods – it champions design in virtually all sectors in order to ensure international success.

According to a study by Markenverband, the German Design Council and Scholz & Friends, German businesses are fully aware that design not only improves their company’s total return, but precisely in new markets is also a decisive competition factor. So, one can say that German design really is a success story. This is not least a result of the German Design Council’s longstanding work. The German Design Council is one of the world’s leading centres of communication and knows how transfer in the field of design.

Since its foundation in 1953 by German industry, the German Design Council has worked to promote design as a specific factor driving business and fostering an understanding of its cultural significance among the general public – spanning six decades of design culture. And yet, despite the continued success of German design, despite the title of world’s leading design exporter, many Germans would not think of design first when asked what Germany stands for. Therefore, it is becoming the central communication task of industry, designers and their associations to convey the value of our product culture to consumers. In addition, we need design to be taught in nurseries and schools.

We need life-long further education by means of exemplary exhibitions and widely publicized design awards. This way, we will honour our great heritage while at the same time writing the next chapters in the success story of German design.

By Andrej Kupetz, Managing Director, German Design Council, published in Discover Germany issue 6 – August 2013 | Photos: Hagen Stier Architektur Fotografie

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