Gabriela Mueller Mendoza is not your traditional corporate coach! Far from it, in fact. Energetic Gabriela has helped her clients find practical solutions in order to thrive in disruptive times. She combines a diverse cross-cultural perspective with a solid technology background and a thought-provoking style. If you are looking for an innovative approach to executive coaching and a unique keynote speaker – you have found your match.

Gabriela Mueller Mendoza’s journey to becoming a coach was as unconventional as her teaching style is today. “I come from a working family in small-town Mexico City, where education was valued as the key to empowerment,” the coach who has a background in computer engineering explains. “I’ve been in Switzerland for two decades. After years of corporate work in technology, I took a leap of faith to pursue executive coaching and professional speaking. Today, after working in over 80 countries as a coach/keynote speaker, with two decades of experience in the field, I have realised that I’m my ancestors’ wildest dreams.”


“Mixing Latin spice and Swiss precision, I help organisations and leaders achieve innovation through creativity and diversity.” – Gabriela Mueller Mendoza

TED talk meets rock concert

Over the years, Gabriela has built an impressive client base, helping leaders in engineering, technology, pharmaceuticals, consulting and elite sports to develop a growth mindset, unlearn outdated practices, and embrace new ways to succeed in a hybrid competitive landscape. Aside from individuals, her coaching services are also ideally suited for Fortune 500 companies and global sports organisations.

“Some clients describe my coaching experiences as a combination of a TED talk and a rock concert,” the charismatic Swiss Latin coach says. “I even use virtual reality to keep my coaching innovative and ahead of the game. We are in an ever-changing business landscape, and researching and incorporating the latest trends and technologies is one of my passions. Recent studies predict that five years from now, over one-third of skills that are considered important in today’s workforce will have changed.”

“My pragmatic coaching/speaking style helps clients be future-ready and stay relevant in the face of disruption,” she tells us. “I specialise in strategic thinking, creativity, influence in leaders and teams, and real inclusion.” Gabriela teaches things you won’t really find in traditional management schools: “My clients realise that what got them here, will not get them where they want to go. That’s where I come in – I bring fresh and diverse perspectives to help companies and leaders stay ahead of the curve. The future belongs to those who are willing to take risks, innovate and disrupt”.

Her thought-provoking style, savvy humour and great storytelling skills clearly set Gabriela apart from your average coaches. For her, it is paramount to create a safe, joyful and engaging learning environment through applying new technologies, as well as proven methods. According to Gabriela, traditional training is like a flip phone in a smartphone world: “It’s time to level up and embrace the power of immersive, interactive and innovative learning.”


“What got you here won’t get you there – to stay ahead, you need to constantly adapt and innovate.” – Gabriela Mueller Mendoza

Future-ready in an era of uncertainty

Organisations, leaders or teams – regardless of who turns to Gabriela, they typically share one main goal: to thrive in the age of uncertainty and create true inclusion, as Gabriela points out: “My clients are looking to innovate, foster agility, and accelerate digital transformation, but they understand that it all starts with the right mindset.”

Aside from in-person coaching, Gabriela also offers remote and hybrid virtual training, keynotes and web-based content. “With the rise of digital technology and AI applications, I have recently incorporated 3D workspaces that resemble real offices and virtual reality meeting rooms into my coaching methods. This allows my clients to have immersive and engaging coaching experiences from anywhere in the world,” she says. As she wants to ensure that her coaching is accessible and relevant to everyone, she also engages curious younger generations that embrace new technologies faster.

“Whether in-person or virtual, my coaching methods are always focused on delivering results and enjoying the ride. No emotion, no learning.”

The ever-changing human factor

What continues to fascinate and inspire Gabriela is the ever-changing and evolving human factor in organisations, as well as economic and societal issues. This keeps her on her toes, as she puts it, and spurs her on to keep learning and keep exploring new ways to stay relevant.

“The most rewarding part of my job is seeing the impact of my coaching on real people and organisations,” she explains with a smile. “Travelling and working with diverse cultures and backgrounds has helped me gain a deeper understanding of global business challenges and opportunities, making me a better coach and advisor. From the Kingdom of Bhutan to the Nordics, in Latin America and Switzerland, I’ve gained valuable insights that have helped me make a difference in the world.”


“Buckle up! In the era of AI, we need to harness our uniquely human skills like empathy, creativity, and critical thinking to stay ahead of the curve. As a coach, I empower leaders to do just that.” – Gabriela Mueller Mendoza


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