In an era dominated by working remotely, the need for a communal offsite space like FriesThinkLand is more pressing than ever. It uniquely combines guest rooms and event and workshop areas, enabling teams to collaborate and co-live near the scenic North Sea – perfect for inspiring creativity and strategic connections.

In the heart of North Frisia, and near Germany’s largest kite surfing beach, Irmgard Maria Glasmacher, a seasoned consultant with a nomadic spirit, has transformed a traditional farmhouse into FriesThinkLand. With 30 years of professional experience under her belt, Glasmacher saw the disconnect between relentless digital connectivity and the human need for creative space. “Following my own intense schedule that spanned 15,000 kilometres, I realised the importance of reconnecting with nature and history,” Glasmacher explains. In addition, the pandemic has drastically reshaped our working environments, often at the cost of spontaneous creativity and socialising. FriesThinkLand addresses this gap: The high-end co-living and co-creation space in the countryside invites teams to step back in time and reconnect in person while propelling their corporate strategies into the future.

FriesThinkLand: A sanctuary for corporate innovation and team rejuvenation

“Collaboration needs space,” she adds and the location itself serves as a source of inspiration. The facility boasts a 100 square metre workshop room adorned with international art, alongside an open fireplace and a state-of-the-art event kitchen. “Our rooms are crafted to ensure every team meeting becomes an unforgettable experience,” Glasmacher emphasises. From warm hospitality and luxurious accommodation to full catering services featuring fresh, local cuisine, every detail is meticulously curated to provide a nurturing environment for management teams of up to 20 individuals. There will only ever be one team on site, giving the location its exclusive character as a ‘home from home’ for corporate teams. “We observed a remarkable transformation in teams who embraced co-working and living in the countryside,” Glasmacher notes. This idyllic retreat serves as a crucible for new ideas, where nature, art, and technology converge to spark innovation.

FriesThinkLand: A sanctuary for corporate innovation and team rejuvenation

Ideal for corporations seeking fresh strategic directions or operational solutions, FriesThinkLand is more than a venue, it’s a journey towards rediscovering the power of collaboration, set against the backdrop of nature’s timeless beauty and the North Sea’s refreshing breeze.

FriesThinkLand: A sanctuary for corporate innovation and team rejuvenation


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