Qualify for the international markets: with a part-time Master’s course of study

Business without a global context is no longer imaginable, quite simply. Without knowledge of international economic scenarios, framework conditions, culture-specific etiquette and, last but not least, the English language, specialists and managers can’t hope to fully score on the global market.

More than 1,200 companies are already developing their own trainees with academic courses from the FOM, one of the largest private universities in Europe. More than 50,000 students are prepared for their tasks in the world of economics through part-time studies in one of the 30 university centres and international partner universities in.

Parallel to working in their profession, they complete an internationally recognised Bachelor’s or Master’s course of studies, for example the Master’s of Business Administration (MBA). MBA students develop into business-minded, assertive personalities, who are able to safely navigate the international business world. Especially against the backdrop of the looming lack of qualified staff, this is a valuable solution to find, bind and further develop excellent employees.

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