The top three reasons why companies need to invest in design


Design and business success are inextricably linked. Design-driven companies can outperform their competitors by as much as two to one*.

Matthis Hamann, co-founder of Munich-based design and innovation agency FLUID, notes that the majority of companies do not yet understand design as a business growth factor, missing out on incredible opportunities as a result.

Generally speaking, there are three main reasons why successful companies invest in design to gain competitive advantages. First of all, focusing on user needs at any stage of a product or service development opens up tremendous opportunities for innovation. Secondly, companies who iterate and conduct user testing continually during the development process are able to change course at any stage. This minimises risks and reduces costs. It also provides certainty as the company gains a real understanding of their customers’ needs. The third reason is that products and services are always more than just that – they are a user experience. Understanding this means consistently involving all departments in shaping that experience to its best across all touchpoints.

According to Matthis Hamann, implementing design in this way is highly complex and takes years of leadership commitment to establish: but it is definitely worthwhile.

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