What do you do the moment your feet simply won’t endure high heels anymore? Be it while travelling or during a shopping spree in the city – that moment when both your feet and face are turning quickly from high-spirited to unhappy is known only too well to many of us.

But what is there to do? During the ‘90s,
women would bring an extra pair of sneakers:
heavy to carry, hardly fitting into your
handbag (unless it’s a Birkin) and definitely
not attractive. But not to worry, hope is at
hand, literally.Origami for shoes sounds a bit
daliesque but here they are: stylish shoes,
foldable to the size of a drop-shaped etui so
slim it fits anywhere during travel or your
working day in the city.They come in a variety
of wardrobematching colours and shapes
that are fun to wear and pretty to look at.

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