Steel sculptor and designer Andreas Reichlin is the inventor of the original Feuerring that opens up new and stylish possibilities for barbecuing. Discover Germany spoke to him, the Swiss architect Ivan Marty and photographer Sylvan Mueller to nd out more about their 2017 Feuerring campaign ‘Form in Space’. Always looking for the perfect stage for the Feuerring, Andreas Reichlin collaborated with photographer Sylvan Mueller at the plants of the Kuessnacht-based Isenschmid AG. Here, Reichlin and Mueller used the large production hall to move around the heavy Feuerrings with cranes. With the Feuerring’s base material, they created steel spaces that show the Feuerring from new perspectives. The result are beautifully reduced, wonderfully aesthetic and creatively significant photographs that accompany the Feuerring in 2017 through- out its ‘Form in Space’ campaign.