Summertime is most definitely here. And while it’s important to keep our own skin away from too much sun, it is even more important to keep the little ones safe from UV light and potential sunburn. Here are some clever items that will make this necessary task an absolute breeze.

The green baby swim nappy, made from recycled polyester, offers a beautiful and environmentally friendly alternative to disposable nappies. Its absorbent inner lining keeps children’s skin dry and major mishaps in the water. £17.

The children’s bathing poncho, made of recycled polyester with UV protection 80, keeps you wonderfully warm after splashing around. While its microfibre outside protects against the wind, the cosy terry cloth inside absorbs moisture. £34.

Fashion Finds: June 2022

The German children’s brand Lässig relies on high-quality materials and cute fabrics for all of its products – as can be seen with these sun suits. £32 each.

The grey, tiger-print sun hat with extra-long neck protection protects the sensitive baby scalp thanks to UV protection 80. Its breathable and quick-drying material ensures a comfortable fit. £17.

The children’s sun suit with UV protection 60 for children is easy to put on and take off. The breathable and quick-drying material made from recycled polyester ensures maximum freedom of movement. £32.

Fashion Finds: June 2022

Summer outfits for children need to allow for movement, protect our loved ones from the elements and feel easy on the child’s skin. These children’s shorts are made of soft terry cloth produced from organic cotton and recycled polyester. The elastic waistband ensures a good fit, while the comfortable cut offers enough space for a nappy. £17.

Fashion Finds: June 2022

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