The Glarner Tüechli is almost as much a part of Swiss culture as fondue or ubiquitous character Heidi. For over 175 years, the tradition-steeped company F. Blumer & Cie. AG has produced high-quality textile products but their bestseller has always been the Glarner Tüechli handkerchief.

Situated in the Canton of Glarus, F. Blumer & Cie. AG employed around 650 people during the canton’s heyday of textile printing and exported their products worldwide. After their production plant closed down in 1979, the famous GlarnerTüechli, alongside with other products, started to be printed in the region’s last Swiss Textile Printing Plant. The cotton material used for the Glarner Tüechli utilises the same manufacturing process from the beginning and also gets woven in the Canton of Glarus.

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