Albert Einstein in Bern


Albert Einstein and his achievements do not need explaining as his formula E=mc2 is known to all, albeit properly understood by very few. The Einstein Museum in Bern is dedicated to the memory of this exceptional genius.

Albert Einstein, one of the most influential scientists of our time, has a particular bond with Bern. It was here that he pioneered his famous formula in 1905, thus marking this particular year as an ‘annus mirabilis’ (year of wonders) in physics. It is therefore no surprise that Bern honours one of its most famous citizens with a museum dedicated entirely to Albert Einstein.

“The Einstein Museum, which is located in prestigious Bernisches Historisches Museum, is particular on so many levels,” enthuses Severin Strasky, head of marketing and communication. “It is a perfect place to meet a historic, highly influential figure in breath-taking surroundings. A spectacular glass staircase welcomes our visitors to the adventure of getting to know Albert Einstein. While the exhibition gives our visitors access to the scientist, it also shows the human being behind the genius, and gives valuable background information about the time in which Einstein lived,” concludes Strasky.

Postcards written by the genius himself, Einstein’s Swiss passport, animated films explaining Einstein’s theory of relativity as well as exhibits and film documents dating from Einstein’s time all do a fabulous job in helping visitors get to know Einstein on a more private level. At the same time, they do not fail to produce a lively and informative picture of Einstein’s 20th century. “Our museum attracts national as well as international visitors of all ages, and our premises are always worth a visit; for example as the highlight of a casual stroll through charming Bern. Einstein Museum becomes even more attractive in Junewhen we invite our visitors to spend a ‘Night with Albert’: captivating experiments, exclusive tours and presentations as well as concerts will get our visitors even closer to the genius of Albert Einstein,” explains Strasky about upcoming events. In the context of this event, the museum is going to hand out the ‘Goldener Albert’ (Golden Albert), a prize that is awarded to the winner of a competition that invites school classes, groups or individuals to creatively examine the topic of light speed.

Einstein museum Bern

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