H ave you ever wondered who buzzes your doorbell while you are not home? Or have you ever wanted to feel entirely protected against burglaries when on holiday? What might seem like a sci-fi vision of the future becomes reality with LUTEC SECURY’LIGHT, promoted from the Alfter-based ECO-LIGHT Leuchten GmbH.

With the SECURY’LIGHT Connected Camera Concept, one will never miss a delivery again. Or when suspicious movement around the house is detected, the user receives an alarm buzz and can immediately access the camera to see what exactly is going on. LUTEC SECURY’LIGHT new, innovative camera lightings unite safety and light, while giving the user full control of all safety settings with the free LUTEC app for one’s smart home. Light, camera, motion sensor, noise-cancelling microphone and a two-way speaker are all accessible in the app and users can adjust the sensor’s sensitivity and all security settings with it.
So, how exactly does it work? Simply choose one of LUTEC´s stylish lamp models (‘ESA’, ‘PERI’, ‘LIBRA’, ‘VESTA’ or ‘ELARA’) and order it with the SECURY’LIGHT. Its camera has a light-sensitive lens, high-resolution (1280 x 720 pixels), a wide-angle lens and a F2.0 shutter – recording blurred images is thus a thing of the past. With SECURY’LIGHT, users can make screenshots or video recordings, replay videos, communicate with a two-way-speaker or mute the microphone. No movement will be undetected with the intelligent passive infra-red motion sensor. While SECURY’LIGHT is fully adjustable in time, light intensity and distance of the sensor, the SD card can fit up to ten hours of HD recording. To prevent a full memory card, it only starts recording when detecting movement.
Furthermore, the light’s integrated microphone comprises 360-degree noise-cancelling recording and hears clear voices over a distance of five metres. The motion sensor captures an area of 180 to 270 degrees (depending on the model) and detects movements in up to 20 metres. Last but not least, SECURY’LIGHT adapts to its ambient light: at night, SECURY’LIGHT automatically dims, only lights up when movement is detected and turns off automatically after 20 seconds to reduce energy usage.
Easy to install, to configure and to connect to several phones – what are you waiting for?

Lutec Secury Light


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