Calling the Salzkammergut’s unique landscape of mountains and lakes its home, the wellness hotel Ebners Waldhof am See boasts spectacular nature to set both mind and body at ease. Guests can indulge in the healing properties of nature with the hotel’s own massage oils and heated sauna infusions with fresh extracts from the region. Nature’s charm is all encompassing in the Salzkammergut Lake District,with strength and inspiration radiating from the vast
meadows of the foothills of the Alps, its 76 lakes, unspoilt natural rivers and becks, charming pastures, as well as the impressive limestone massifs of the Dachstein, Totem Gebirge and Höllengebirge mountain ranges. From the 1,000-year-old village lime tree in Faistenau to the distinctive Nockstein mountain in Koppl, the area around Lake Fuschl has crowned 13 unique locations; ‘Glücksplätze’, places of happiness.

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