Meetings, sales figures, deadlines… A myriad of things govern our working lives on a daily basis. If we are not careful, they can often overwhelm us. Know how that feels? Read on!

Aiming to lead a successful and fulfilled life, we can fall into the trap of pursuing somebody else’s goals or fulfilling somebody else’s expectations. We disconnect from who we are, abandon what is important to us or betray our own values. This may lead to feelings of helplessness or exhaustion. Or, in short, to burnout.

“Burnout,” explains career and burnout recovery coach Roksana Fraczek from online coaching agency Dream Career, “is a complex, systemic problem prevailing in societies or organisations with a toxic culture; a culture that rewards self-denial.”

Drawing from her own experiences, burnout survivor Fraczek has developed her own burnout survival programme and, in Dream Career, has made it her aim to help prevent and fight burnout. “My psychologically-founded programme puts a pronounced focus on the individual’s self. It sets my clients on a journey that helps them to regain their physical health, emotional balance and mental clarity. A journey that will ultimately enable them to re-alight their energies and to reclaim their own life.”



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