A wedding without the right drink to clink glasses with is unimaginable. Austrian brand Schlumberger has perfected this drink in a variety of ways. Offering a wide array of sparkling wines, the company is established at home and way beyond and can look back on a long and successful history. Today, Schlumberger is not only able to provide the perfect Sekt (sparkling wine), but is also enchanting visitors with its one-of-a-kind visitor centre and event location, Kellerwelten.

Looking at this incredible history, one is immediately assured that there are experts at work. More than 175 years ago, the first beverage was produced in Schlumberger’s cellars in accordance with the Méthode Traditionnelle, which is synonymous with the French Champagne method. However, while the French can call their beverage Champagne, the Austrians are not allowed to do so as their Sekt is not based on wine from the Champagne region. In fact, Schlumberger Sekt is a true Austrian product, using local grapes and wine, which is processed in Vienna and Bad Vöslau and poured into bottles manufactured in Austria. Not without pride, this is why Schlumberger is able to label all its bottles with the lettering Austrian Sekt.

200 years ago

The story of the brand began in 1841 in Stuttgart, Germany, where Robert Alwin Schlumberger was born. After the death of his father he was forced to break away from his studies and become a merchant. In this profession he travelled to France, where he was employed at a Champagne winery. During his time there he was able to go from cellarer to production manager, but when he fell in love with his now wife he relocated to Austria to be with her.


Unique diversity of Schlumberger. Photo: © Schlumberger

This is where an unparalleled success story begins. In Austria, Schlumberger founded his own company, producing his own Sekt, and when he was able to get one of his products on the wine list for the Queen and King, he become purveyor to the Royal Household. The rest, as they say, is history. Generations came and went, but Schlumberger Sekt stayed the same and today the affirmation for the Austrian tradition and production method is stronger than ever.

Unique diversity

Overall, Schlumberger Sekt has four main product lines. The classic line features timeless sparkles, including Sparkling Brut, Rose Brut and Chardonnay. In the so-called Lifestyle line, Schlumberger offers young and modern customers WHITE Secco, ROSÉ Secco and GOLD Secco, all of which come with sensual, fruity, invigorating tastes. The latest innovation is the product line ON ICE, which attracts new customers and new occasions for sparkling wine and the Schlumberger brand. Then there are the Prestige Cuvées, a line of exclusive, original tastes called the Schlumberger DOM. Finally, the Schlumberger Vintage Specialities offer tastes that go beyond the usual and feature grapes such as Brut Nature, Sauvignon Blanc, Gruener Veltliner or Blanc de Noir. One thing is certain: no sparkling wine resembles the other. This is why all of them can be savoured and bought at the Schlumberger Kellerwelten.

2 (c) Schlumberger1620

Schlumberger since 1842 – Austria’s Answer to Champagne. Photo: © Schlumberger


Part museum, part event location, the Schlumberger Kellerwelten is a one-of-a-kind behind-the-scenes look at the company and an elegant visitors centre at the same time. Located in the historic arch of the factory, it allows visitors to take part in a narrated Sekt tasting as well as a guided tour through the impressive 300-year-old cellars. Throughout this tour, visitors get to delve into the exquisite production techniques of the Méthode Traditionnelle and discover its secrets.

Furthermore, the Schlumberger Kellerwelten is open for your event. Whether you are planning a private or professional gathering, the facilities allow room for up to 120 people. Naturally, this lush ambiance is also perfectly suitable for your most precious days – the Schlumberger Kellerwelten makes a wonderful wedding location. Celebrate your moment in a mystical and romantic atmosphere and rely on Schlumberger’s experience in planning and organising an unforgettable day.

Gerstner Shop Kärnterstrasse, Vienna, Austria

Personalise your Schlumberger bottle. Photo: © Bill Lorenz

Personalise your Sekt bottle

If you would like to make a Schlumberger Sekt present for a good friend or family member, there is nothing more exciting than the branded bottle. At the Kellerwelten, online and at Schlumberger’s second Vienna location, the elegant Boutique & Bar in the Palais Todesco vis-á-vis the Vienna Opera house, you are able to personalise the label and create the perfect gift. Naturally, at the Boutique & Bar, you are also invited to taste, feel and experience the unique sparkle that is a Schlumberger Sekt in its broad variety.

Opening hours and additional information:

Schlumberger Kellerwelten: Wed 11am-9.30pm I Thu-Sat. 11am-6pm; Heiligenstädter Straße 39, 1190 Vienna
Schlumberger Boutique&Bar at K.u.K Hoflieferanten: Mon-Sun. 11am-11pm; Kärntner Straße 51, 1010 Vienna (vis-á-vis the Vienna Opera house)



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