Some events are just too important to spoil with carelessly chosen garments. So make sure you are always dressed to impress – preferably in high-quality clothes that fit you like a glove.  Karin Bischoff and Kathrin Baumberger immediately liked each other when they first met at the fashion project SENTIS. Out of this initial mutual sympathy, Die Manufaktur originated in 2009, a Workshop that produces exclusive, hand-stitched couture. “Karin and myself, we are both tailoring enthusiasts. We and our team are all about unforgettable designs, comfortable cuts and the manufacture of exquisite, wearable but at the same time distinctive fashion,” says Baumberger, explaining Die Manufaktur’s couture’s Appeal. Customers in search for that particular something will be pleased to hear about Die Manufaktur: “We are one of the few couture tailor shops in Switzerland offering bespoke, hand-stitched couture for all occasions.


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