Design is an interdisciplinary art that happens on many dimensions. Forms, colours, sounds, lights and movements make spaces livable – and products functional. The Swiss firm «Designstudios» impresses with exceptional products and spaces that are characterised by creativity, uniqueness and a strong user focus.

Good design is not just about what looks good, tt also performs, converts, astonishes, and fulfils a purpose. «Designstudios» in Berne helps their clients to transcend this philosophy through coherent design solutions. Their dynamic design creates an identity that is interwoven in the entire production and marketing cycle; it evokes an emotive response and attaches customers to a company’s brand.

“Our designs are always tasteful, creative and unique. Each design project is focused on the needs of the target audience and customers. We adapt the design process and implementation in accordance with the desired results. It’s not about forcing ‘our style’ on a product – we want the product to fulfil its purpose and match the customer’s ideas.”

Systematic and creative philosophy

Since 1983 the small but mighty Swiss design agency has been working to create brands, spaces and products that are safe, beautiful and sustainable. The company’s philosophy is to improve people’s quality of life through an interdisciplinary, creative, and systematic design approach.

OpenSpace_ Swiss Federal Office for Transport (BAV). Impression_051620

This approach is systematic because the agency solves design problems through working in an analytical way and, generally, this process involves: identification of the problem, research and analysis, definition of goals, strategic brainstorming for ideas, design as well as evaluation.

But their design process is inherently chaotic and creative. Forms, colours, sounds, lights and experiences influence the designers in their work. “Nature is often our source of inspiration for colours, patterns and shapes. Also, art, other cultures or historical aspects play an important role in generating ideas and design,” explains CEO Rolf Widmer.

Design creates identities

Good design is also a strategic business decision that emphasises the care and quality a company invests in its products and public or company spaces. The range of services offered and the broad portfolio resembles «Designstudios» holistic approach. Their services include: conceptualisation and design of brands, corporate communications, product design, spaces and signage. “Our designs makes products safer, simpler, and more beautiful,” says Rolf Widmer.

«Designstudios» customers span a wide range of industries. From a sewage treatment plant to a chic customer services and administration space, the agency works with small, medium-sized businesses and big companies. The designers emphasise the importance of individual solutions, personal consultation and support. In fact, the agency has been working with many clients for more than a decade.


The team’s specialisation and design focus includes the following areas: corporate design (brands), communication design (annual reports, documentation), product design, interior design (exhibitions, reception areas) and information design (signage). In addition to traditional design work, the agency is eager to work on an increasing number of cross-sectoral projects.

Design with a real-world function

User-centred design makes a product more understandable, improves workflow and increases the efficiency. In addition, intuitive usability evokes the user’s pleasure instead of frustration. One recent example of a creative and functional design solution is the ‘open space’ of Berne’s Swiss Federal Office for Transport (BAV). The design studio worked to transform the former archive into a space that is open, colourful, communicative and creative. The reception room features historic memorabilia and train seats.

“Design communicates, sells and creates added value,” says Rolf Widmer. And he is right. Good design is a constant marketing tool, improving the image of a company in the long term by increasing customers’ trust, loyalty and satisfaction with a brand or product. In the past, his agency has designed and perfected brands for many renowned clients, including Arabella-Sheraton Hotels, Auhof, Bauhaus, Bechtle, Credit Suisse, Group-Egli, Inducta, Fricker Shoes, KLM, Red Cross and Water Excellence.

OpenSpace_ Swiss Federal Office for Transport (BAV). Impression_0516201

Sustainable future vision:

Safety, simplicity, sustainability and aesthetics are the pillars that best describe the Designstudios’ work today. In the years to come, Rolf Widmer says: “We want to build on our success and contribute to the safety and reliability of products, the safe pathfinding (buildings, parking garages, public areas), aesthetics in form and colour, sustainability and environmental awareness in terms of materials, processes and recycling.”


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