2020 is approaching, and so we thought it would be a great idea to check out which trends will be dominating our interiors in the coming year and take a look at some core trend predictions for 2020.

Each season usually brings with it different decoration trends for one’s own four walls, and it’s always exciting to see what designers and consumers think our interior spaces should look like. Generally speaking, it looks like touchscreens, unwelcoming light and cold interiors are ‘out’, while cosy, warm spaces are ‘in’. Meanwhile, there are three themes that show no signs of waning in popularity: wellbeing, comfort and sustainability. Let’s dig deeper and take a look at some core trends for 2020.

Humble materials

This trend might not be entirely new, as most of our interiors probably already incorporate ‘humble’, down-to-earth materials such as rattan, jute or sisal. But in 2020, designers will take this look even further and start to incorporate plywood, hemp, burnt wood and terracotta, too. These materials are known to give our interiors warmth, as well as a cool, relaxed, natural look that is sure to suit any room.

Left to right: Photo: © www.covethouse.eu | Photo: © www.idyllhome.co.uk


Another trend that is omnipresent right now is marble – marble design pieces, marble walls and much more. Marble has had a huge revival in recent years although traditionally, the material had been confined to bathroom interiors and kitchens. However, some stylish, chic and contemporary interior ideas of late have made marble a material that can be used all over the house. For an Art Deco look, why not pair marble with velvets and brass?

Textile textures

Some living rooms can look uninviting and uncreative, and this is exactly where texture comes in. In 2020, designers will be putting focus on textile textures even more, to bring some contemporary and warm aspects into your home. Bouclé is one of these texture trends that you should keep in mind next year. It impresses via looped yarns that are kept in more subtle shades for a cosy, more sophisticated feel.

Photo © www.wallsauce.com


One trend that has already been big through 2019 is metal interiors. In the past, some might have declared you gauch had you mixed different metallics, but today, more and more interior designers are proving that this can indeed be very stylish. While cool metallic tones like silver or steel bring a modern aesthetic to your living space, warmer tones like gold, rose gold or brass are more glamorous and inviting. Dare to mix both and you’re sure to get a unique look that is most definitely going to be trendy in 2020.

Abstract energy

The ‘abstract energy’ trend is for the fun and free-spirited people out there, as it focuses on abstract expressionist artwork to create ultra-stylish and contemporary interiors. Think bold geometrics, hand-drawn forms, playful colours, bold patterns, creative combinations and much more. This trend lets you really express yourself and can be used in any room to make a statement. We suggest purchasing a rug, cushion or duvet cover to implement this trend into your home. You certainly won’t regret it.

Left to right: Photo: © www.woodchipandmagnolia.co.uk | Photo: © www.chaplins.co.uk


Japan was on everyone’s mind in 2019 – not least due to the Rugby World Cup – and in 2020, our interiors get the Japanese overhaul. Several big retailers have sported rich silk textures, bird motifs, oriental prints and structured furniture shapes in recent months. You will love this trend that combines elegant Japanese minimalism and rustic Scandinavian simplicity if you’re a fan of ‘less is more’, uncluttered spaces, clear lines and calm colours.

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