We are all about dreamy blues this month. The calming hues, inspired by shades of the sea and sky, are the perfect way to revitalise your space. While often popular during the spring and summer season, these beautiful blue shades can be used year-round to provide a breath of fresh air and create a calming, comforting and serene environment within your home.

1. The right pillows can always transform any interior space. So, to easily introduce some blue hues, choose this diverse collection of indoor cushions. POA.


2. Designed by Tom Tailor, in cooperation with interior blogger Anne Dirfard (Instagram @170QM), graphic shapes combine with the core colours of our collection. The result is a striking design which can be combined with most styles. £213.


3. A sofa to transform any room, this eye-catching design combines elegance with art deco elements, creativity and ultimate comfort. £4,150.


4. These are called pudding bowls, but they’re equally good for porridge, soup, pasta and other meals at any time of the day. Handmade to imperfection, with a lovely crackle glaze. £28.


5. This small table lamp is effortless and classy. It comes with a glass base and a gorgeous lamp shade. £85.


Dedicated to Design: October 2022

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