Sustainable summer is here! Sustainability is at the forefront of everyone’s minds these days, and for good reason. From bamboo toothbrushes and reusable cotton pads to gorgeous gifts and statement bags, there are so many sustainable swap-outs available to help us be kinder to the environment – so this month, we’ve gathered together a collection of the best eco-friendly products.

1. 100% cotton boho fabric bunting with orange and yellow flags. The perfect hanging party decoration for a festival, Diwali, boho birthday, garden party or hanging in your home as décor. Simply hang this garland on the walls, from the ceiling or between trees. £17.

2. Bring a burst of colour and happiness to your home with this beautifully crafted dual-design. The Bee cushion cover, in a beautiful mustard yellow with cream tones, features a zip closing (pads not included). Made with 100 per cent lambswool, this cushion will brighten any room and works well in so many interior colour schemes. £41.

3. Do your walls need a summer update? Choose this colour by Yes Colours. It’s still tinted with white, so it’s a pastel, but there’s a real warmth to it. 1 litre, £21.

4. Made from cotton, these biodegradable, plastic-free bowl covers are an eco-friendly, reusable alternative to single-use cling film, plastic wrap or foil. Perfect as a part of your zero-waste kitchen. Available as a set of three or as a single large cover. £18.

5. Playful graphic patterns and fluffy tufting details give the sustainable trend a special boost. Naturally durable and 100 per cent compostable, jute is an ideal option for eco-conscious homes. Handmade in India and perfect for your cosy home, Jubilar provides that certain something to improve your living space. £84.

Dedicated to Design: July 2022

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