August is great for gardening, no doubt about it. So get outside and plant flowers, herbs and vegetables: sweat, be happy and get dirt on your hands! Luckily, there are some beautiful design items out there, too, which make the whole experience of gardening even better. Take a look at what we have found, and get inspired.

Water your plants with this beautiful, very strong watering can with a fixed handle. Made out of powder-coated galvanised steel, it holds nine litres of liquid and will be a great little helper in the garden. £23.

Table & Planter from Einrichten Design

Pick this stylish outdoor table for storing some of your favourite herb planters or gardening tools. With its timeless design, it will last for years to come. £504.

This planter will look great either inside your house or out in the garden. Even though it might be quite classic when it comes to its shape and its terracotta material, there is one big difference between this and other planters: it is upside down! £54.

Hand-rake & Garden gauntlets from Annabel James

This gorgeous hand-rake is perfectly sized to fit between plants and under bushes to collect leaves and debris. A great gift for a passionate gardener: as it comes in a cute gift box. £16.

Garden in style with these beautiful garden gauntlets handcrafted in linen and leather. The long, linen cuffs with a cute chicken print are ideal for protecting your arms. £28.


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