While we are waiting for Spring to arrive this month, there are plenty of activities and events to enjoy. From gourmet food festivals and mountain-top farmer’s markets, to garden trade shows and jazz concerts – this month will be anything but boring.

ITB Berlin Convention, Berlin (8 – 10 March)

The ITB Berlin is usually the world’s largest travel trade-fair, and thanks to around 10,000 international exhibitors each year, it offers great insights into different countries. This year, the free-of-charge convention will take place online and focus on digital, sustainable and resilient solutions for the global travel industry.


Culture Calendar: March 2022

ITB Berlin Convention. Photo: Messe Berlin GmbH

Ski and Wine Week, Gasteiner Tal (12 – 19 March)

During this special week – which is also known as the “highest farmer’s market of the Alps” – homemade delicacies are sold at various locations right next to the glistening ski slopes. Grab some tasty local treats like Swiss cheese or smoked ham after skiing, and enjoy fine foods served right to your sun lounger.


Culture Calendar: March 2022

Ski and Wine Week, Gasteiner Tal. Photo: Gasteinertal Tourismus GmbH

24th Viennese Week of Restaurants, Vienna (14 – 20 March)

The Viennese week of restaurants (‘Wiener Restaurantwoche’ in German) offers haute cuisine deluxe and is an absolute highlight in the event calendar for food lovers, restaurateurs and celebrities. It has often been described as a gourmet marathon – and rightly so. Irresistible dishes await throughout this delicious week. Being extremely popular in Vienna and surroundings, it’s recommended to book tables in advance.


Culture Calendar: March 2022

Garden & Ambiente Bodensee. Photo: GARTEN & AMBIENTE Bodensee

Garden & Ambiente Bodensee, Friedrichshafen (16 – 20 March)

We know it’s officially spring when the garden demands our attention. Get some great inspiration at the garden trade show in Friedrichshafen. It caters to a gardener’s every desire: Choose from a fantastic range of plants or browse through lawn mowers, garden decorations and even ponds and swimming pools. The garden of your dreams is just around the corner.


Culture Calendar: March 2022

Garden & Ambiente Bodensee. Photo: GARTEN & AMBIENTE Bodensee

Culture Calendar: March 2022

Garden & Ambiente Bodensee. Photo: GARTEN & AMBIENTE Bodensee

Night of the Museum, Bern (18 March)

Bern’s Night of the Museum runs from 6pm to 2am and promises to be packed to the brim with culture. Thanks to a great variety of different institutions participating each year, this event is perfect for night owls of any age. The diverse programme makes sure there is the right event for everyone.


Culture Calendar: March 2022

Left: Night of the Museum, Bern (Autumn 2021). Photo: Beat Schertenleib. Right: Photo: Pixabay

Frühlingsdom 2022, Hamburg (25 March – 24 April)

Popular amongst locals and tourists alike Hamburg’s legendary spring fun fair is a huge spectacle not to be missed. Rides, food stalls and so much more attract thousands of visitors to the vibrant Northern city. If you need another reason to plan a getaway to Hamburg, this is it.


11th Whisky Festival, Dresden-Radebeul (26 – 27 March)

This relaxed festival not only offers fabulous tastings of international whisky, but also of many other spirits, exclusive wines, selected cigars and even fine chocolates. The culinary event is accompanied by live music, professional seminars, and various other surprises. A list of all exhibitors can be found on the website. Raise your glass!


International Jazz Festival, Bern (29 March – 04 June)

For the 47th time, the International Jazz Festival will fill the city of Bern with smooth tunes. As always, over 200 jazz, blues and soul concerts will be held at Marian’s jazz room and the audience can look forward to a very personal atmosphere. This established event attracts global jazz icons and is attended by over 30,000 people each year.


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