Born in Brazil and raised in Germany, actress Cristina do Rego speaks to Discover Germany, Austria & Switzerland about the recent election results in her home country, her latest film projects and much, much more.

DISCOVER GERMANY: You were born in Brazil and moved to Germany as a child. To what extent do your Brazilian roots still shape you today?

Cristina do Rego: Brazil is and will always be my roots and my home. I’m at home in Germany, but Brazil is a part of me. Most of my family lives there and I need to recharge my batteries there regularly to feel like myself again.

DISCOVER GERMANY: Let’s chat about uprooting: Do you now feel more German than Brazilian?
Cristina do Rego:
It is very difficult to answer this question. Nevertheless, it is now simply the case that I have built up an entire life, a career and many long-term friendships in Germany. I have accepted that I have both cultures within me and that both countries are at home for me. At some point in my twenties, I understood that I never have to choose one root or the other.

DISCOVER GERMANY: What do you think of the outcome of the election in your home country?
Cristina do Rego: I am infinitely relieved, I have hope for the country again, which I have not recognised in many places in recent years.

DISCOVER GERMANY: You recently came out as a member of the queer community. How has this changed your life?
Cristina do Rego: My day-to-day life hasn’t changed, other than making me even more confident. So far, my professional life has only changed noticeably in moments like these, as I am now asked much more about my private life than before.

DISCOVER GERMANY: Today you live in Berlin. Why is this city your adopted home? What makes her so special to you?
Cristina do Rego: Berlin happened to me and I am very grateful for that. I had to move to Berlin for a project in my early twenties, although I was very happy in Cologne, where I lived before. Berlin has slowly conquered my heart. I have the feeling that there is more ‘space’ here overall, and I like that a lot. As casual as the city can be – it always conquers me.

DISCOVER GERMANY: Is acting your dream job or has there ever been another?
Cristina do Rego: It’s still my dream job after more than 20 years. Of course, some things are different: the role of social media, for example. Still, I’m always very fulfilled when I’m on set.

DISCOVER GERMANY: How do you prepare for the different roles? Are there certain rituals that you like to include?
Cristina do Rego: I work a lot with music and make playlists for my roles. Also, every role I play over a period of time has its own perfume. Then, of course, learning classic desk work such as text.

DISCOVER GERMANY: Your feature film TRAUZEUGEN will be released in March. What can viewers look forward to?
Cristina do Rego: To a wonderful romantic comedy with a great look and wonderful actors. There are plenty of fantastic guest appearances by Kurt Krömer, among others – I promise you: you shouldn’t miss this!

DISCOVER GERMANY: What else can we look forward to from you in 2022 and 2023?
Cristina do Rego: On 7 December you can see Das Weihnachtsschnitzel on ARD, and the mystery radio play Flüsterwelt will be released on 4 December. In spring 2023, in addition to the cinema film, there will also be a fiction documentary on Arte, in which I play Aracy de Carvalho, a real character who helped many Jewish people escape from the Nazis during World War II. It was a great honour for me to embody this courageous woman.

DISCOVER GERMANY: Other wishes and dreams for the future?
Cristina do Rego: After the last few years we’ve all gotten a little bit humbler, haven’t we? I dream of a quieter, safer world, of course, like most people. My personal wishes aren’t too big either: I’m happy if I can work for many more years and if I and the people around me don’t want for anything. Especially not in terms of health.

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