Innovation is second nature to Swiss designer Fabian Blaser. His creations are elegant yet modern, and Blaser does not shy away from using unusual materials or techniques. His secret? Question your designs until they are perfect.

Fabian Blaser has always been drawn to working creatively. Having flirted with the idea of becoming a graphic designer or interior architect, Blaser quickly discovered that studying to be a goldsmith would better suit his interests and talents as it combines spatial and graphic creation.

Blaser is absolutely dedicated to his art but remains humble and laughs:“Sometimes I ask myself how I actually ended up as a jewellery designer.”He adds:“I like the psychological aspect of my work. Understanding a customer, giving advice and trying to gage what they would like or what could be the right creation for them. At first I was not quite aware how much the social interaction with customers mattered to me. I also enjoy the journey of creating a piece of jewellery from the beginning to the end.”

Blaser’s unique and beautiful pieces vary in style and material. He gets inspired by talking to his colleagues and is not afraid of criticism, be it from others or himself. A piece of jewellery is only finished when it is close to perfection. And on the neverending quest to finding perfection, Blaser designs stunning rings and necklaces and is proud that through his jewellery a small piece of himself is being carried into the world.

“I particularly enjoy designing rings.That is because I personally like hands the most, my own and other people’s. Hands are often being looked at, so why not decorate them?”says Blaser with a warm smile.

Aside from working in his atelier in Biel, Blaser is also a lecturer at the Bern School of Design where he teaches up and coming goldsmiths the craft of jewellery making. Using all kinds of materials from precious stones and metals to industrial produce and recycling materials, Blaser knows how to keep it fresh.

His current project is in partnership with an automobile designer.Together they are creating an exclusive collection of rings for men. Blaser’s goal is to conquer the world of men’s fashion with a technical ring and it is very likely his newest mission will be another success.


Text: Marilena Stracke | Photos: Fabian Blaser


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