This year, the legendary Cartoonmuseum Basel is celebrating its 40th anniversary. As the only Swiss museum entirely dedicated to all areas of narrative drawing, this place doesn’t only stand for topical discussion about our society and culture, but it also continues to showcase the developments of our time. The museum celebrates 40 years by exhibiting the works of big contemporary artists such as Tardi and Joann Sfar.

Four decades ago, collector Dieter Burkhardt laid the foundation for the Cartoonmuseum Basel and created a space where cartoons, caricatures and other narrative drawings were finally put into the well-deserved limelight.

Today, it’s clear that from the initial idea, a well-respected institution has grown, which also brings international cartoon artists to Switzerland.

Verbotene Kunst, Moskauer Austellung, 2013 and Pussy Riot, 2018, Cartoonmuseum Basel, 40 years of exploring new ground

Left: Verbotene Kunst. Moskauer Ausstellung, 2013. Right: Pussy Riot, 2018.

“When it comes to the museum’s maxim, the anniversary year is no exception,” museum director Anette Gehrig explains. “Contemporary illustrators with the most significant artistic and storytelling voices are part of the programme.”

A true highlight is the recently opened exhibition of Victoria Lomasko, which runs until 11 November 2019. In addition, the Russian artist is working as ‘Artist in Residency’ at the atelier of the Christoph Merian Foundation for a month.

Gehrig describes Lomasko as a brave and reflected artist and journalist: “With her reports, she makes people who are pushed to the edge of society visible and documents the resistance. She draws on location and impresses with her rich, perfectly stylised streak.” A large mural presents the heart of the exhibition, which, as with the rest of the art on offer, you really shouldn’t miss.

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