The German slow-fashion label BeWooden shows that sustainability can be incredibly trendy. Their wooden bow-tie is a statement-piece like no other. And from necklaces to wallets, there truly is the right wooden item of individuality for everyone.

BeWooden was born out of the understanding that the world needs more sustainable companies. The founders knew that the textile industry is the second largest industry that causes pollution to our environment, and change was needed.

“Furthermore, we saw that more and more people were beginning to favour individual products, instead of things that everyone is already wearing,” recalls co-founder Henrik Roth. From a bunch of young guys envisioning the restoration of the beauty of old crafts by transforming wood into a personal fashion accessory, to today’s buzzing online shop covering over 25 product categories including wooden bow-ties, cufflinks, suspenders, bracelets, wallets, brooches and gift sets – that is the story behind BeWooden.

Here, slow fashion is not just a trendy term but lived daily with a focus on upcycling and sustainability. Henrik points out: “While there is already a lot of fast fashion in the world, we would like to be a slow fashion brand that uses traditional craftsmanship. In this regard, individualisation is an important aspect, hence our customers are able to express themselves by placing their own patterns on products.” Whilst there are many marvellous wooden items to choose from, companies can also order completely customised products for any occasion.

With creativity and a passion for sustainability, the team behind BeWooden shows what the future can look like: trendy with a clean conscience.

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