Investing in properties is in high demand and the way into it is currently changing. The Berlin-based company Bergfürst established a crowdfunding website focussing on property development in 2012. The financial instruments differ but overall Bergfürst concentrates on subordinated loans. Since the financial crisis in 2008, good news from the financial markets are sparse; especially for small private investors. The current zero-interest rate policy makes it hard to even compensate the inflation rate when making an investment. Even if assets are growing, the real purchase power drops. So many investors are looking for investment opportunities that might not be as safe but are more lucrative. That does not mean taking full risks – like gambling in casinos – but being open to new forms of investment and new markets like property crowdfunding, which might not be as risk neutral as a savings account but has very high interest rates and short investment periods, making it a great opportunity for modern investors.

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