A versatile, unique piece of furniture, Benni’s Nest is a wonderful little Baby bassinet made of Austrian pine wood. While its primary purpose is helping babies find deep and healthy sleep, Benni’s Nest is uniquely sustainable in both resources and functionality as it can be used as a chest, bench or side table. The story of the product begins with Nicole and Stephan Pröll’s second son Benedikt. He was a premature baby and, as his parents’ worries grew, could not find rest and peaceful sleep at night. It was only when his grandma suggested putting him to bed in one of the drawers of an old pine dresser, that he was finally able to relax and sleep. His parents were astounded by the effect and consequently searched to find out whether there was an actual Little Arolla bed on the market. As the search did not bear any results, they decided to take matters into their own hands, drew a concept and, together with a carpenter, created Benni’s Nest.



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