Shaped like a crystal or a bear, the small Swiss soap manufacturer bblubb, based in Bern, makes small pieces of soap artwork. Founder Simone Mosimann uses only natural ingredients and many of the products have a Bern tourism quality seal. One of bblubb’s special soaps is formed like a Bernese bear, the city’s symbol. The 12-centimetre-high brown bear is made of plant-based glycerine soap. “The idea to order handmade bear forms came over night,” says Simone Mosimann about her most successful products often bought as souvenir. Not the only product inspired by the region: another –a glycerine soap without pigmentation –is shaped like a rock crystal, so typical for the area. Mosimann aims to sell these soaps as souvenirs in duty-free shops in the near future. Furthermore, bblubb fabricates individual soap batches for companies.


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