Exotic food and Arabian Nights


Visits to your favourite Chinese, French or Italian restaurant enable you to enjoy international culinary highlights in the most convenient way. Why not pay a visit to Afghanistan, via savouring its cuisine in an authentic setting?

“At our family-run restaurant Bamyan Narges – the name is a combination of the owner’s name, Narges, and the name of a valley in the east of Afghanistan, Bamyan – we make a point of warm hospitality and the high quality of our food,” explains Eugenia Wolf from Bamyan Narges.

Located in the middle of Munich in trendy Glockenbachviertel, Bamyan Narges is a truly exceptional place. The spectacular self-designed interior radiates the sensual and mystical ambiance found in One Thousand and One Nights and makes the restaurant a place to remember.

The culinary offer at Bamyan Narges ranges from rice, dishes fresh from the lava-stone grill and fresh fruit, and also includes a wide choice of vegetarian and vegan dishes. “Our restaurant is well-known for our self-made spice mixes which we freshly prepare according to old family recipes. Our marinated pumpkin with saffron and honey sauce is hugely popular and counts amongst the top sellers from our menu,” reveals Wolf, and quotes further delicacies from Bamyan Narges menu: “Equally popular are Afghanistan-inspired specialities such as lamb skewer fresh from the lava-stone grill and saffron rice cooked with peels of bitter orange, pistachios and almonds, accompanied by spinach, fine spices and spring onions. One of Bamyan Narges trademark drinks is the ‘Bamyan Spritz’, a drink freshly prepared from pomegranates, currants, strawberries and prosecco.”

When asked for the culinary outlook for 2019, owner Narges says: “This year we shall enlarge our offer of freshly homemade drinks as well as the choice of exotic salads prepared with dates, figs, mangos and other tasty ingredients. From September to October, with the Oktoberfest on, we will indulge our guests with the typical Bavarian Hendl (grilled chicken) with Afghan-styled potatoes and tasty Bavarian beer.”

Those who like to plan ahead may be pleased to hear that Bamyan Narges offers special three- to five-course menus for Christmas and New Year’s Eve. The premises may also be booked for private or business events.

Bamyan Narges – offering memorable culinary experiences served in a truly memorable place.


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