The international financial litigation law firm Breiteneder Rechtsanwälte. Attorneys at Law focuses on investor protection and on reaching long-lasting solutions in mass damages.

The Volkswagen (VW) scandal has lately been dominating the news worldwide. Especially institutional investors have suffered enormous damage in the past weeks due to manipulated emission tests in cars. In order to support the aggrieved parties, attorney at law Eric Breiteneder and his team currently collect data of victims and give advice to VW customers and investors. As one of the leading Austrian and internationally recognised law firms, Breiteneder Rechtsanwälte. Attorneys at Law specialise in investor and consumer protection, securities litigation, as well as capital markets and dispute resolutions. Therefore, the company domiciled in Vienna provides a high level of expertise in the field of collective redress.

Acting on an international level is one of the major assets of the law firm, which was founded in 2009. For its work on complex multinational cases with some of the biggest law offices in the USA and Europe in the field of mass damages, Breiteneder’s team has received international acknowledgement. The Austrian law firm was, for example, rated among the top 50 law firms worldwide dealing with dispute resolution by the Acquisition International magazine. It is also a founding member of the International Financial Litigation Network based in NewYork and Madrid.“

Many other law firms also claim they would work internationally, but in fact they just mean to be a national part of an international law firm network,” says Breiteneder, who has been working as an attorney at law since 2004.“Since Austrian and most European jurisdictions do not offer proper solutions for mass damages, we effectively use alliances between national and selective laws from other countries.”Hence, Breiteneder Rechtsanwälte. Attorneys at Law provides solutions that give investors efficient ways to claim for their damages. In order to maintain their duties as attorneys at law, Breiteneder explains that“it is necessary to be very organised, otherwise we could not deal with the thousands of victims involved”.

In the case of theVW scandal, the law firm now advises two non-profit foundations to pursue claims against VW. “Consolidated action is important to gain a strong negotiation position for reaching an agreement with VW,” Breiteneder affirms. According to him, timely settlements with car owners and investors will allow the car manufacturer to finish with the past, but also to indemnify the aggrieved parties.


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