The demand for skincare products has been growing continuously, resulting in somewhat of an oversupplied and less transparent market. Customers often struggle to find the right products for them, with clean formulas and natural ingredients. Aseiko has solved this problem by offering a personal shopping guide: within three to five minutes, customers can find products suitable for their skin – and then buy them directly.

Aseiko allows users to take a picture of their skin to get a quick analysis of their current skin condition, and after answering questions about their most urgent concerns, the app recommends suitable products. Aseiko currently features a few hundred products, and some can be bought directly within the integrated store.

“Aseiko is a dedicated international B2C mobile marketplace, allowing brands to offer and ship products from their original locations to customers worldwide,” says founder Rumyana Al-Ubaydi, who developed and financed the app. “We make great effort to work directly with the brand owners and manufacturers of the skincare products.” Because the products are highly personalised and are shipped straight to the end-customers, this also means less product waste, CO2 emissions and transportation costs.

Additionally, the app offers an ingredients-check feature: the cloud service and AI-based solution currently analyses more than 3,000 ingredients and can also be used to check products while in a pharmacy. Above that, the app includes a messenger, so that users can connect and chat with friends who are also interested in skincare. A beta version is currently available for Android in the Google Play Store.


Founder Rumyana Al-Ubaydi.

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