T he requirements of specialised electronic devices are complex. Zurich-based Art of Technology design and develop innovative solutions for an ever-growing number of challenging requirements and complexities.

It is not easy to put Art of Technology’s expertise and scope of services into a few words. “Broadly speaking, we are an independent contract engineering company focusing on the design and development of electronic hardware and software systems for medical devices, intelligent implants, secure data communication systems, space-flight applications and other extreme environments, where exceptional reliability is required,” explains Rolf Schmid, managing director of Art of Technology. “We are also involved in commercial, industrial and European Research Projects (Horizon 2020) and actively support start-up companies and university projects, where budget and resources often tend to be rather more restricted.”

“Having successfully concluded projects in a broad variety of areas,” he elaborates, “our team’s knowledge of diverse markets is substantial. With expertise covering the miniaturisation of systems, cost optimisation, low power electronics, power management, cryptography for secure data communication as well as analogue and digital electronics, we know exactly where to look and which questions to ask in order to find the best solution for our customers.”

Art Of Technology

Speaking of the team: “The members of our team are highly qualified. They have profound academic backgrounds or have gained significant insights and understand the practical implications of our designs through their work in the respective industry.” It is this attractive melange of theory and practice that makes Art of Technology and their concepts particularly valuable for their customers. “When presenting a customer with a result, we always go for a practical, financially affordable and, above all, achievable solution,” stresses Schmid.

Art of Technology is currently involved in an array of fascinating projects: amongst them, a project for the European Space Agency (ESA) to characterise 3D-MID technologies for future space applications (3D-MID allows the integration of mechanical, electronic, optical and thermal functions into three-dimensional designs offering significant savings in size and weight, simply not possible with conventional electronic manufacturing methods), the re-design of an intelligent, implantable pump for patients suffering from type 1 diabetes and the design and development of a device for the early diagnosss of Cardiovascular Disease (CVD). Worthy causes indeed and we can expect many more innovative designs from Art of Technology in the future.

Art Of Technology


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