More than just the Oktoberfest

Munich is much more than just the two-week-long beer festival that is the infamous Oktoberfest. Not only is the city home to some of Germany’s most famous exports, like BMW and FC Bayern, it also sports a lot when it comes to culture, history and art.

As the capital of Bavaria, Munich has a population of more than 1.5 million. This makes it Germany’s third-largest city, after Berlin and Hamburg. Many visitors flock to Munich in September to attend the ever-popular Oktoberfest, but the city is well worth a visit all through the year. Let’s explore some of the reasons for this.


It is often said that Munich loves music more than football and beer. And that’s why visitors are sure to find plenty of great concerts, operas or musicals throughout the city. If you’re a museum fan, you’re in for a treat as well, as Munich is home to over 80 museums covering many different topics, such as technology and cars, ancient sculpture and… potatoes. If you’re here to learn a bit more about the history of Munich and Germany in general, head to the NS-Dokumentationszentrum, which is much more than just a collection of old Nazi documents.


Home to numerous centuries-old buildings and interesting architecture, tourists will find plenty of sights to visit here. Let’s take the famed Hofbräuhaus, for example, which was founded in 1589. Or head to the Old Town to marvel at the central Marienplatz square with the Neo-Gothic town hall and its popular glockenspiel. After an eventful day of sightseeing, the city is also known for its exceptional shopping opportunities, so don’t forget to bring plenty of spending money.


Bavaria loves its tradition – which can also be felt throughout Munich and is especially mirrored in the great restaurants the city has to offer. Whether you opt for a traditional establishment, a cosy bar or a bigger Michelin-starred restaurant, you can’t really go wrong with trying any of the following dishes: ‘Spätzle’ – a German noodle dish, ‘Schweinshaxe’ – a slow-roasted pig knuckle, ‘Weisswurst’ – a pork sausage that is usually served alongside beer, a pretzel and some sweet mustard or, for the sweet tooth, the ‘Schmalznudel’ – Munich’s very own version of the donut.

Get inspired for your next Munich trip and find out what other highlights the city of Munich has to offer in 2020, in the following special theme.

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