Artificial Intelligence (AI), the artificial reproduction of the human decision making process, is something that is often discussed controversially. One of its undisputed advantages, however, is its ability for rational intelligence and the resulting ‘reason-based’ decisions, something which is increasingly being used in the medical field.

“My vision,” says Dietmar Frey, founder of Berlin-based company ai4medicine, “is to make ai4medicine the one-stop shop for AI-based medical data analytics. ai4medicine empowers patients and enables healthcare providers to personalise prevention and disease management and to thus improve the quality of life of the individual.”

The trained neurosurgeon and founding director of the Charité Lab for Artificial Intelligence in Medicine has, through his research and practical work, grounded experience in the diagnosis and treatment of diseases. With ai4medicine, he is going one step beyond. How does it work? “Generally speaking, we turn data into action. So, in a first step, we analyse the existing data quality and quantity and, together with our customers, devise a strategy in which we integrate the available data into client-specific solutions. In order to be able to do this, a comprehensive data strategy, as well as a deep understanding of the underlying medical questions, is mandatory. ai4medicine excels in this field as we have experts who are able to channel their medical and technological expertise into models and guidelines for a better, healthier life.” One of the many advantages of ai4medicine’s AI-data-based concepts is that, in theory, they can be developed ad infinitum; i.e. by employing a steadily growing amount of data, the individual models, their applicability and the resulting solutions become ever more refined.

Models like these thankfully are not limited to any particular type of disease or cure, as Vanessa Fischer, ai4medicine’s COO, confirms. One small detail, however, remains crucial: “Sure, our models apply to a number of medical fields and patients. However, in order to make the models work, we need to address the right patient. We therefore currently advise health insurers and the pharma industry, as well as MedTech companies; i.e. institutions with the insights into the data of patients, their potential risk for given diseases and their appropriateness for AI-driven analysis and models.”

AI-based medical data analytics by ai4medicine are fast gaining a reputation as being health solutions carefully developed to improve quality of life.


Left: ealthAdvisor – stroke prevention app. A collaboration between ai4medicine and Aperto – IBM iX Berlin.

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