aeris LIVING is a contemporary seating series suitable for home offices and professional work environments. The Munich-based company aeris GmbH has devoted itself to revolutionising sitting and standing at the workplace with a simple philosophy: allowing more movement for a healthier work atmosphere. “Our LIVING series shows that it is possible to decide for an office chair that is top when it comes to functionality, ergonomics and at the same time is trendy, with an individual style,” says Susanna Kindler, COO / executive vice president of aeris GmbH. Both swopper and oyo LIVING Combine state-of-the-art design with healthy sitting. Trendy felt upholstering in fashionable colours give the overall design the fine-Tuning. swopper and oyo LIVING both encouragemovement when sitting at the desk. “Everyone knows that our sedentary lifestyle, mostly happening at the workplace, is not healthy. Fatigue, tensions and even serious health issues are often the result. And that is where our products set in.” oyo, for example, invites to assume all sorts of different sitting positions.



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