Perfect coffee does not only describe the coffee itself. The product’s degree of  innovation, unusual packaging, quirky design, sustainability, as well as variety selection are as part of the entire package as the delicious bean itself. The Swiss brand Café Royal, produced by the tradition-steeped Delica AG, successfully follows this philosophy and now captures the entire DACH region.

Based in Birsfelden, Café Royal’s headquarters are located in the factory of the Delica AG,which is one of the largest roasting companies in Switzerland. For more than 60 years, Delica AG has stood for Swiss coffee roasting expertise and in 2012, its brand Café Royal was born.“We stand in the service of good taste. Our mission is to create the best blends and coffee treats. We’re not alone on this mission. Our special agent for great taste, Robbie Williams, has spread our message since 2014,” Delica AG’s managing director Dr. Raphael Gugerli smiles.

Their vast coffee variety does not only please celebrity palates. Café Royal’s bestsellers are coffee capsules which are compatible with the Nespresso®* and Nescafé®* Dolce Gusto®* systems. Participants in independent consumer tests, as well as coffee and gastronomy experts, praise Café Royal for its perfect crema and great variety such as almond, dark roast or double espresso capsules. Other products provided are iced coffees, which impress with unusual design and types such as double fat or caramel. Of course, exceptional bean coffee variations are also part of their portfolio.

“We surprise and have the courage to strike out in new directions in a quite conservative industry,” Dr. Raphael Gugerli says. Café Royal’s secret is the perfect interplay between sourcing, blending, roasting, grinding and great design. The company’s own R&D team constantly develops new blends and improves existing products. “Each of our blends has its own roasting curve and the grinding process is individually adjusted,” Dr. Raphael Gugerli says. Furthermore, sustainability and diligence across the entire supply chain are at the core of Café Royal’s doings.

Dr. Raphael Gugerli explains: “We follow a holistic controlling approach. Sustainability starts at the plantation and doesn’t stop with the product shipping or in the supermarket shelves. We
also follow our sustainability principles at our headquarters.” Thus, their entire coffee range is certified with the sustainability labels UTZ or Fairtrade.

If one wants to be convinced by the great taste of Café Royal’s Nespresso®*-compatible capsules, you can order a free sampler set in Germany and Switzerland.


Text: Nane Steinhoff | Photos: Delica AG


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