Ever stood on a stand-up paddleboard (SUP) made of glass, did yoga on one of these boards, or let your dog join in? At the Baltic Sea in Schlewig-Holstein the range of SUP offerings is large. We have put our six favourite tips down here

When the temperatures get warmer in the coastal towns on the Baltic Sea in Schleswig-Holstein, the motto becomes “get on the board and get on the water”. The quickest way to do this is by far stand-up paddling. The trend water sport usually doesn’t require a lengthy course; a short safety briefing and a few basics are often enough to glide relaxed over the ocean or a lake. While it is a fun activity to do alone or with friends, it is also said to have a variety of health benefits. For example, the low-impact activity can reduce wear and tear on your body, the paddling involves a full body workout, it strengthens your core muscles, improves your muscles, and is great for cardiovascular health.

Schleswig-Holstein, Germany’s northernmost state, has plenty of lakes and river systems to offer, while the state’s eastern coast lies on the Baltic Sea and its western coast on the North Sea – evidently the perfect holiday destination to try stand-up paddleboarding. Whether you’re a total novice, or quite experienced already, check out these six fantastic SUP activities along Schleswig-Holstein below.

6 Summer Sup Ideas On The Baltic Sea In Schleswig-Holstein

The ‘glassSUP’ in action at night. Photo: www.ostsee-schleswig-holstein.de

1. A SUP made from glass – window into the sea

The ‘glassSUP’ means diving in without getting wet. The name says it all here, because the stand-up paddle boards are transparent and allow insights into the underwater world – during the day or at night with light. The ‘glassSUP’ is suitable for all abilities and ages; if you can’t stand, you can just sit or kneel and look into the depths. Organised tours can currently be booked in July in Heikendorf on the Kieler Förde, an inlet of the Baltic Sea. Individual trips can also be arranged via phone.

6 Summer Sup Ideas On The Baltic Sea In Schleswig-Holstein

Stand-up paddleboarding on the Baltic Sea. Photo: www.ostsee-schleswig-holstein.de

2. SUP tours with your dog

If you want to take your companion out on the water, ‘Taffe Tölen’ is the right place for you. The dog experience training offers, among other things, SUP dog courses in which people and animals glide across the water together. The dog must trust the owner and give up control. This strengthens the bond and is a great experience for both of them.

3. Monster SUPs for the entire team

Monster SUPs live up to their name because six to ten people can ride on one together. This means the area can be explored from the water with the whole family, friends or colleagues. No matter whether it’s a relaxed group outing or a fast-paced race, only those who are well coordinated can gain momentum. Monster SUPs can be rented at various stations along the coast and the experience makes for a great company outing.

6 Summer Sup Ideas On The Baltic Sea In Schleswig-Holstein

SUP on the Timmendorfer Strand beach. Photo: www.ostsee-schleswig-holstein.de

4. Embrace SUP yoga

Yoga exercises, breathing techniques, deep relaxation – and everything on the sea: that’s what SUP yoga offers. The exercises strengthen balance, reduce stress, and strengthen the muscles. The good thing: Everyone can exercise within the limits of their fitness, even beginners get their money’s worth and can relax while enjoying a full-body training.

5. On a big tour – as a beginner or professional

If paddling is too boring on your own, book a guided group tour. Things get romantic, for example, with a sundowner on Lake Pönitz near Scharbeutz followed by a ‘get together’ including a drink. The SUP tour in Laboe also includes a snack stop, as does the advanced tour on Fehmarn. One route leads under the Fehmarnsund Bridge, with a break on the beach. The professional tour, on the other hand, is really sporty. Here the participants paddle south from the east coast in around four hours. Beginners travel with a companion around the bird sanctuary of Warder. There is a private tour in Glücksburg: with two to six people you go to the Ochseninsel Islands. A stop with original Danish soft ice cream and hot dogs offers refreshment and, if you’re lucky, you can also spot porpoises.

6 Summer Sup Ideas On The Baltic Sea In Schleswig-Holstein

SUP in Glücksburg. Photo: www.ostsee-schleswig-holstein.de

6. SUPing for everyone – with and without disabilities

The water sports school ‘Watersports4all’ in Großenbrode is particularly committed to inclusion. Here, people with disabilities, whether mentally disabled, with amputated limbs, in a wheelchair or blind, can also experience stand-up paddling and much more. The school caters to everyone depending on their abilities. More information is available online from the Verein Sail United e.V..

Along the Baltic Sea coastline, you can easily book your SUP board via mobile phone. Simply visit the Heiuki website, find a staff-free SUP rental station and grab a board. You don’t have to worry about anything and can simply enjoy what makes stand-up paddling so unique: the freedom on the water. What are you waiting for? Your next summer adventure is waiting.

6 Summer Sup Ideas On The Baltic Sea In Schleswig-Holstein

SUP in Malente. Photo: www.ostsee-schleswig-holstein.de, Oliver Franke

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For more SUP tips and offerings on the Baltic Sea coastline of Schleswig-Holstein, visit: www.ostsee-schleswig-holstein.de/stand-up-paddling

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