Wedding photography: Capturing an important day in the most perfect way


Elfi Rasser, founder of 11i-photograpy, tells a couple’s story in pictures – completely natural and without much posing. Elfi Rasser’s creative photos capture a wedding with all its emotions and atmosphere, starting with the “getting ready”, right up to the midnight highlights. With a personal touch and ready to help at any point, she accompanies couples from the planning phase to the delivery of the final pictures.

Finding the right wedding photographer is not easy: “The style of the pictures is important, but also sympathy between the couple and the photographer,” says 11i-photography founder Elfi Rasser. The photographer will be around in private or even tense moments, when the nerves of bride and groom are running high. This is why meeting with clients and discussing their needs and wishes is an important part of Elfi Rasser’s work.

Elfi Rassers is an expert when it comes to destination weddings, when couples want to, for example, celebrate their wedding on a vineyard in Tuscany, or a finca in Spain, at a wide sandy beach or high up in the mountains.

Elfi Rasser always gives clients a wedding guide with tips and tricks they might need to get the perfect pictures. This can mean planning in enough time for private moments the photographer can capture, but also certain rules for the guests: “It is important for good pictures that guests actually engage with the scenery and, for example, not take out their mobile phones during the vows,” she says. Otherwise, the pictures taken by Elfi Rasser contain a lot of people with phones in their hands, but not the emotions of this special moment. Putting up a friendly and funny sign asking people not to take pictures can be the solution.

The couple and guests can later download Elfi Rasser’s pictures directly from a web server, so that everyone will have great pictures even if they did not take any themselves. Elfi Rasser not only delivers the pictures in digital forms, because USB-drives, for instance, can get lost very easily. 11i-photograpghy also produces beautiful and high-quality photo books delivered in wooden boxes that are durable and colourfast, but more importantly, are a great memento for years to come: “And of course, it is far nicer to show a picture book around when gathering with family and friends or later with children, than just a digital copy on a screen.”

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